Pancakes & Syrup
Pancakes & Syrup
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Pancakes & Syrup

Peanut Butter

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If you love pancakes, syrup, & BUTTERSCOTCH then this one's for you.. This all new jar of Pancakes & Syrup PB features a butterscotch flavored base and is then topped with butterscotch chips and Heath toffee bits. YUM! 

For every serving of this peanut butter there is:

- 150 calories

- 8g protein

- 5g carbs

- 11g fats

This flavor is GLUTEN FREE. 

*Things to note:

   - Our butters are runnier that your average jar of nut butter due to no added stabilizers or fillers. If you like a thicker nut butter, place it in your fridge!

   - Toppings may melt or sink to the bottom during shipping.

   - We have split the ingredients by listing the base ingredients first and then those of the mix-ins.

   - Natural oils from the nuts tend to surface to the top of each jar so store your jar upside down to evenly distribute them to maintain the consistency!

NWT: 16oz/16 servings


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